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Anna Rogers has been creating Henna art for over 20 years. Her Love of this art for began as a 9 year old after seeing Henna used in her best friends family Eid celebrations. Since then Anna taught herself how to apply, mix, and care for Henna designs.

Specialising in fine, intricate detail; Anna delivers beautiful and elaborate henna, drawing inspiration from Indian, Arabic ,Gulf and Moroccan traditions. This level of detail can be seen across Anna's work, be it full bridal or a 5 minute strip of henna.

As well as traditional Henna application at weddings, parties, pregnancy blessings, religious events and festivals, Anna also offers unique items customised in Henna style. The most popular of which are candles, picture frames, blown eggs and greeting cards, which you can view on her social media.

Working as a full time Henna artist is a dream Anna has had since childhood, and she now offers Henna on clients at parties, weddings, pregnancy blessings, religious events and festivals all over the world- most recently travelling to Northern India for the 3rd time to expand her henna inspiration and training, and to provide henna along the journey. She is based in London, her home city.

Please feel free to contact her directly with any questions, and thank you for visiting Anna Henna!

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     @tropicalbirdart another fun night with my henna sister!  First #henna since my eye operation. My sight is still crazy so went easy on the details for my first work in ages. Happy to have #mendhi again.
 Matching best bud rings!  Cold rainy Sunday. Its pakora time!    With @abridalartist and @hennacrone in Camden! Thanks for the visit superstars!!
       Mum and me went to listen to Sadhguru.
     First drawing since the operation. Sight is still very weird and unfocused but drawing was still nice to do.  #labradorite

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